Veterans Day 2016: VA Loans Are A Great Option

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Veterans Day 2016

Veterans Day 2016: Purchase And Refinance

If there is something that takes care of our country’s veterans and is worth noting on this Veteran Day 2016 is the great home buying option of VA Loans. VA Loans are available to eligibile active military veterans, National Guard Members, and eligible surviving spouses.  As long as the potential borrower has a Certificate of Eligibility or COE, borrowers are free to take advantage of the most lenient mortgage loan that is offered and they too can enjoy the fact that VA Loans have had the lowest average rate over the past 2.5 years when compared to rates of FHA and Conventional Loans.  VA Loans mortgage underwriting is normally more flexible than that of other mortgages and the costs are much lower as well when compared to their counter parts.  VA Loans can close in the same amount of time as an FHA Loan or Conventional Loan so the belief that there is more hassle involved in a VA Loan is simply not true.  With this being Veterans Day 2016 it might be in your best interest if you are a veteran to see if you can get a VA Loan, and I am the perfect guy to get this loan facilitated for you.  You can reach out to me anytime at 888-900-1020,, or by applying today at

Veterans Day 2016: VA Loans Cheaper Than FHA And Conventional

As mentioned earlier, it is worth noting on this Veterans Day 2016 that a solid VA benefit is that of one of the most affordable mortgage offers around through a VA Loan program.  With the VA Loan program, you can obtain a mortgage with no money down and 100% financing available and as long as you are eligible for VA Benefits, you can get this mortgage.  Now VA Loans have a funding fee for their loans, so even if you have 100% financing, you may need to pay this funding fee.  However, under special circumstances such as obtaining a disability while serving our country, you can get the funding fee waived as well.  There aren’t any minimum guidelines for minimum FICO credit scores needed, however lenders may have their own Lender Overlays which could put a minimum to the credit score and debt to income ratio required for VA Loans.

Veterans Day 2016: Conclusion

As you can see on this Veterans Day 2016 VA Loans are a great way for veterans to obtain the financing for their home purchase.  A government insured VA Loan is a great way that this country takes care of its veterans and it is also a great resource for veterans to purchase a home.  There is no other loan out there that can offer the flexibility and minimum requirements and truly offer a no money down approach to lending.  I look forward to working with veterans to make sure I can reward them with the house of their dreams.  If you are in the market for a VA Loan, please reach out to me ASAP and we can get your home purchase started today!  You can reach out to me anytime at 888-900-1020,, or by applying today at

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