Vacation Time: Why Don’t People Use It?

Vacation Time: Why Don’t People Use It?

Vacation Time: You Are Owed This Time

If there is one thing that I don’t think I will ever understand while in the business world is the growing number of people who refuse to use their accrued vacation time to actually take time away from their office and work for at least a few days at a time.

When I start a new job, the first thing I do is to double-check the vacation accrual policy, and when can I start using time.  Personally, I use every hour of vacation that I am owed every year as I enjoy spending time with my family in different exotic locations around the world.  Just in the past few years alone I have gone on 3 cruises, Disneyworld twice, Las Vegas twice, and Mexico once.  I don’t see the need to work 52 weeks out of the year when the minimum requirement given vacation and sick time is only about 48-49 weeks depending on accrual times.

Vacation Time: Why Don’t People Use It?
Vacation Time: Why Don’t People Use It?

This is a constant question in my mind as I run into people with 3+ weeks of vacation time and sick time stored up for a “rainy day.”  Could you please tell me when you anticipate the rain to start because right now it looks like a desert.  There has to be some underlying reason as to why people will refuse to use their vacation time and sick time.  I figured I would do some research to see the reasoning behind leaving all this time on the table and losing it.

  1. Fear that nobody can do their job:
  • If you are someone who doesn’t give up control very easy or trust your co-workers to help you out while you are away from the office, there is never a way you are going to mature as a worker and get to that next level.  Work is all about having the proper back-up for your absence or a sufficient manual in place so that your job can be completed to at least 50% while you are gone, the bare minimum
  1. Worried about mountain of work
  • Yes, it is inevitable that everything won’t get done while you are gone and yes, you will return to items needing your attention or cleaned up from your vacation time.  However, this isn’t the end of the world because if you have systems in place and a good work ethic, you will be caught up in no time at all.
  1. Can’t afford time off / Need to show dedication
  • Then there are the people who think that they have too much work to do and can’t afford to take vacation time as they worry about what they will return to.  Listen, your 52 week job wasn’t created to be completed in 60 weeks, so just take the time off.  The other clouded judgment is that they need to show dedication by not taking vacation time.  Personally, if I have an employee who isn’t taking their time, I am demanding that they do, it is a necessity!
  1. Fear of being replaced
  • Being this paranoid with your standing within a company will lead to your eventual demise.  If your vacation time is rightfully earned and expected to be used, there is no need to fear getting the pink slip.  Yes, we can all be replace din one way or another, but the fact is, it is harder to get rid of you and find someone knew rather than keeping you.

Vacation Time: Conclusion

Hopefully, we have gone over a few misguided reasons as why people refuse to use their vacation time.  I will never understand going through your day so paranoid that you feel the need to be at your job every single day.  All I can say is your life will be much happier with some vacations being taken instead of being stuck in your cubicle for 40+ hours per week.

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