VA Home Loans In Ohio With Direct Lender With No Overlays

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7 Type Of Loans To Buy A Home With Low Credit Score
December 21, 2018
Refinancing a VA Mortgage Home Loan
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December 22, 2018
VA Home Loans In Ohio

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VA Home Loans In Ohio With Direct Lender With No Overlays

This BLOG On VA Home Loans In Ohio With Direct Lender With No Overlays Was UPDATED On December 21st, 2018

This article deals with the qualifications for VA loans for homes for Veterans in Ohio. Ohio, a state located in the Midwest of the Great Lakes region of America, bears the name of the famous Ohio River. The French fur traders first occupied Ohio, but then it became British colonial property after the French and Indian war of 1754. Some call Ohio the “mother of modern presidents” because seven presidents have come from Ohio since 1869. 

More interesting facts about Ohio? Columbus, the capital of Ohio, where the American Federation of Labor was founded. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, came from Wapakoneta. I am sure everyone has heard the name of the Wright brothers? But many do not know they came from Dayton. Ohio is the first state to enact laws to protect women workers. Ohio is also famous as the Buckeye State because there are plenty buckeye trees in the state. 

Average price of Ohio Houses

That was a general introduction of Ohio, but now we’re going to discuss the blistering real estate market in Ohio. Currently, the average cost of housing in the Ohio is $ 131,000. Last year, the price of housing in Ohio grew by 4.9% and market experts anticipated that by 2018 prices of Ohio Houses would increase by 2.7%. 

For homes currently listed in Ohio, the average price is still $ 149,000 and the average price of Ohio Houses that are already sold is slightly less than $ 127,800. Average rent income in the state is $ 995. 

Hamilton is leading in the housing value; the average cost of a house is $ 140,200. The average cost of housing in Columbus City is $ 120,500, Cincinnati – $ 113,400, Parma – $ 103,600, Canton – $ 88,200, Akron – $ 62,900, Toledo – $ 58,600 and average cost for housing in Dayton is $ 52,000. 

People who are buying property in Florida and want to come to the closing table with least possible cash, the VA mortgage for homes for Veteran is the best option. While there are other low down or zero down programs, VA credit does not require any initial payment, but it also holds the mortgagors from paying certain types of closing costs and keep the amount of money close at a minimum. There are no monthly mortgage insurance charges included in the mortgage payment which gives further strength to the borrowing power. 

Eligibility Requirements Of VA Home Loans In Ohio

In the context of VA home loan eligibility, VA loans for Homes for Veteran are available for active service personnel having at least 181 days of service, Armed Forces veterans, National Guard and Armed Forces Reserve members with at least six years of service and living spouses of those who have lost their lives while serving or from a service-related injury.   When applying for a bad credit VA loan in Florida, it should be known that both fixed and variable rates types are available as well as hybrids. 

VA Home Loans In Ohio Requirements

To become eligible for VA loan for Homes for Veteran is similar as qualifying for most other loan programs as it is also relating with employment, income, assets and credit. The VA issues the guidelines for these categories and asks lenders to follow them. The lenders must verify at least two years of work, sufficient income to cover the current debt, sufficient funds to cover the final expenses and validating a liable credit history. However, the VA does not specify a minimum credit score for VA home loan eligibility, but most lenders request for a minimum score to be at least 620. 

Because we are a direct lender and have approval to guarantee and fund a VA loan application we have the capability to support and approve a VA application for homes for Veteran even when someone thinks they have bad credit and they are unable to fulfill the virtual requirement of VA home loan eligibility.

VA Home Loans In Ohio With Lower Credit Scores

Again, VA does not state any specific meaning of bad credit, but if someone has credit score which is below the virtual qualifying limit of 620 they might not get the approval if they don’t work with the right lender. Instead of just looking at credit score, we at USA mortgage can look for other positive aspects of your loan application. 

Getting a Credit Report From Credit Bureaus 

EquifaxExperian and TransUnion, are three main credit repositories and when we request a credit report from them, we also request a credit score from each. Credit scores, commonly referred as FICO scores, are from 300 to 850 (three-digit numbers). Although we may unable to approve home loans with bad credit, VA loans in Florida with a qualifying score of say 500 we can consider an approval with a qualifying score of say 590. but there must be other compensation factors.

VA Home Loans In Ohio With Bad Credit

The compensating factor is an aspect of a loan file that can offset a negative. In this case, the credit score is slightly lower than the minimum. The authorized VA lender is able to review and document compensating factors when justifying the home loans with bad credit. For example, a lender can approve a loan application having less than ideal credit score if the applicant has been employed at same working place for a long time. Prolonged employment shows stability and indicates that the candidate will continue to be working in the future. A person who pays more than the sum requested as down payment can also be a means of compensation. Large cash reserves can also help to approve the loan application. 

However, it is extremely important that you should allow me to see your credit report and your credit scores and not rely on your online search, it is important to see if you can qualify for bad VA credits in Florida, even when you really think you have low FICO score. If you really want to buy a house in Florida and use VA credit suitability to finance the deal, let’s talk. You could be surprised! 

If you have been turned down for a VA loan or have any questions about real estate or mortgage please contact the author Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates at Loan Cabin Inc. at 262-716-8151 or text us for faster response. Or email us at The Gustan Cho Team at Loan Cabin Inc. works when you work, so contact him anytime.” 

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