VA Home Loans for Disabled Veterans Mortgage Guidelines

VA Home Loans for Disabled Veterans Mortgage Guidelines

VA Home Loans for Disabled Veterans Mortgage Guidelines

A VA loan is an excellent option for any veteran who is eligible for it, whether active employee/active duty service member or even a surviving spouse. It offers the opportunity to enter the home without a down payment and a one-time funding fee instead of mortgage insurance.

If you have a disability which happened during your service time for your country, you have made an extraordinary sacrifice. In recognition of this fact, the Department of Veteran Affairs has many special guides and loan programs that will help you obtain a loan from the VA. 
Before we get to the place, let’s talk about the main question that veterans often ask. 

Closing Costs On VA Home Loans for Disabled Veterans Mortgage Guidelines

Disabled Veterans' Mortgage Closing Costs

Veterans must pay for closing costs? 

With each mortgage that the customer must pay, there are closing costs. VA loans are not an exception, but the VA lenders concession policy allows the lender to pay more amount of these cost then they could on any other type of loan. 
There are no restrictions on how much amount a person can choose in the following categories: 

  • Origination fees 
  • Discount points: These are pre-pay interest points
  • Prepaying for some of your interests before time allows you to lower the interest rates
  • Other miscellaneous fees- include payment of credit reports, property surveys and valuations

There are some things the seller can only pay at 4% of the buying price or valuation, whichever is lesser. This limitation applies to the purposes of the warranty (prepaid property taxes and homeowner’s insurance) also the VA funding fee.

However, you may be able to get rid from the funding fee. More details below. 
In addition to the lenders concession option, you can choose to use credits of the lender for a significant portion or even all of the closing costs. In this case, it is included in the loan balance and is repaid during the loan period. 

VA Home Loans for Disabled Veterans And Exemption Of VA Funding Fee
VA Home Loans for Disabled Veterans And Exemption Of VA Funding Fee

Who has an exemption from VA Funding Fee? 

If you have a disability with respect to the service or if you are a surviving spouse of a person who has passed away due to service related disability or action, you are considered “exempt” and your funding fee is waived. 
Also, if you are currently receiving disability benefits and your VA loan has not yet been closed, your funding fee will be canceled and you will not be required pay for it. (This applies everywhere, regardless of the degree of disability). 

  • If you have already closed the loan before getting the disability disadvantages, you might get the refund of your funding fee if you were already in between the process of applying for disability at the moment of your buying or refinancing
  • For example, if the first-time buyer buys a house worth $200,000 with a VA loan and is eligible for disability, a funding fee of 2.15% is canceled, giving the owner a financial advantage of $4,300
  • After your disability benefits get approved, you must submit a written request to the VA regional loan office in your state to initiate the refund of your funding fee
  • If you have financed the funding fee, the amount of the refund will be excluded from the principal amount due
  • If you paid in cash, the VA will issue you a check
  • It is important to note that if you are not currently receiving disability benefits, you must have a pending disability claim before the closing date of the loan
  • If you put forward the disability claim after closing, you might not get a refund

Awards for Disabled Veterans: 

A disabled veteran can buy a home with a loan from the VA. If a home also requires changes or accessibility modifications, this can be done with the help of Special Housing Adaption (SHA) and Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grants. But to become eligible for these special grants, you must have a disability which has been rated as 100% service related by Department of Veteran Affairs.  
SHA supports qualified disabled veterans in following ways: 

  • Adapt a house that already exists and belongs to the veteran
  • Adapts a home that a veteran want to buy
  • Help the veteran in buying a house already adapted

SAH supports qualified disabled veterans in following areas: 

  • Construct a house with disability related modifications
  • Modify and remodel the existing home to meet adapted housing needs
  • Apply for a grant against the primary mortgage balance of an adapted home that has already been purchased without the help of a VA grant

If you are considering receiving a grant, the maximum allowable amount for the SHA, is $ 21717 and the support limit of SAH is $ 81,080 in Fiscal Year 2018. In addition, disability benefits must be approved for veterans before applying for housing grants.

Veterans who qualify for one of these programs may also qualify for Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant. With the help of this grant you can receive funds for the temporarily adaptation of a home of a family member where you are living temporarily. In 2018, for an SAH eligible Veteran the maximum loan amount is $35,593. And, if you are qualified for SHA grant then maximum Temporary Residence Adaptation is $6355. 
Even if you are not eligible for one of these programs, contact your local VA and (Department of Health and Human Services) DHS office.

There may be other sources of funding specifically designed for veterans. which will allow you to achieve residential goals. 

VA Home Loans for Disabled Veterans Mortgage Guidelines And Tax Credits

Tax credits and House ownership exemption. 

Using the amount of a VA loan to buy a new home gives you the right to some useful tax breaks that may help you a bit. An exemption from property tax for disabled veterans can help reduce taxes paid by a disabled veteran each year. Amount varies from state to state. Therefore, it is important to check personally in the VA office or on the website to obtain information about the specific benefits of the state for disabled veterans. For example, some states offer 100% tax breaks for all veterans, while others limit them to 100% disabled veterans.

With a VA loan, you can also qualify for a Mortgage Loan Certificate (MCC). A customer service center is created at the state level so you can apply for tax exemptions on part of the mortgage interest paid each fiscal year. The loan amount is determined at the state level, but this is definitely an advantage you should use. 

VA Home Loans for Disabled Veterans And Qualified Income

Disability payments can help you get a VA loan. 
If you are currently receiving a financial disability, this can be considered an income that allows you to earn income from a VA loan. To be eligible for a VA loan, income must meet three criteria: it must be stable, reliable and permanent. A major factor in the use of disability pension is the possibility of continuing payments.

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