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What Credit Score is Needed to Buy a House in California?

After updating FHA and VA guideline, many people are don’t know what credit score is needed to buy a house in California. The Golden State is the most populous state in the entire country and joined the Union back in 1850. Oregon is to the northern border with Arizona to the southwest and Nevada joining

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Disputing Credit During The Mortgage Process & Rapid Rescoring

Consumers are advised through many channels to check their credit report at least once per year. The reason? Mistakes can appear. Mistakes that can depress credit scores and keep someone from obtaining a home loan when they need it. Sometimes people applying for a home loan are disputing credit during the mortgage process. Unfortunately, mistakes

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2022 Mortgage Lender Search

2022 Mortgage Lender Search: Introduction If you are going to plan on purchasing a home or refinancing a home this year then knowing the 2022 Mortgage Lender Search is a perfect tool for you to ensure you find yourself a quality lender in today’s landscape full of lenders.  There is nothing worse than being talked

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