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Fannie Mae Collection Accounts 2022

Credit Scores Used By Lenders Fannie Mae Collection Accounts: Introduction To begin with Fannie Mae is a government sponsored entity who is in charge of creating and setting up the rules and guidelines for conventional loans.  Just as HUD is in charge of setting the rules and regulations for FHA Loans, every mortgage loan program

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VA Loan Without Lender Overlays

VA Loan Without Lender Overlays: VA Loans Lender Overlays are some of the sneakiest guidelines that a lender can put into place and it is only for their benefit as overlays are additional loan requirements on top of the minimum guidelines as proposed for the loan program.  If you are under the assumption that you

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Conventional Guidelines on Collection Accounts

Conventional Loan Collection Accounts Guidelines: Intro The 2022 Conventional Loan Collection Accounts Guidelines are created and implemented by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the two government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) who are in charge of creating the conventional loan guidelines that borrowers and lending institutions must abide by.  This is

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