Renting With Bad Credit: 5 Ways To Qualify

Renting With Bad Credit: 5 Ways To Qualify

Renting With Bad Credit: Intro

Listen, everyone may not want to be homeowners and it’s a guarantee that everyone doesn’t have perfect or even good credit.  There is a large segment of the population that has bad credit.  If you fall into the category of looking to rent and if you have bad credit, we are going to go over Renting With Bad Credit. There are quite a few reasons and ways you can convince your landlord to rent to you if you happen to have bad credit and we are going to visit those reasons below.

Renting With Bad Credit: Co-Signer
Renting With Bad Credit: Co-Signer

This is probably the easiest way for you to overcome Renting With Bad Credit and that is to find a trusted family member or friend to go ahead and co-sign on the rental property for you.  This is an easy proposition because you will be the only one living in the property and your co-signer just guarantees to make the payments in the event you cannot.  Just make sure you think about your long-term relationship with the co-signer as you don’t want to stick them with your payments which will ultimately cost your friendship.

Renting With Bad Credit: Show Progress

It might not necessarily be all doom and gloom with your bad credit and the fact of the matter is you might have gone through some extenuating circumstances like a job loss and thus you are saddled with Renting With Bad Credit.  Sometimes showing the landlord the route you have taken, why events happened, and what has changed will help in assisting getting approved for the rental.  If the landlord sees you have made strides to get your credit back in order, they may be willing to give you a chance.

Renting With Bad Credit: Pay In Advance

When you are Renting With Bad Credit and a landlord finds this out, they assume that you missed payments on your bills and you are not reliable to pay your bills timely.  You can try to overcome this by offering multiple months of rent in advances.  By doing so, this will show commitment to the property and will assist in putting the landlord at ease.

Renting With Bad Credit: Roommate
Renting With Bad Credit: Roommate

If your plan all along is to go in with a roommate while Renting With Bad Credit than you could possibly have your roommate go on the lease as a sole renter.  Yes, your roommate takes on all the risk, but if this is a trusted individual, you two can work together and your bad credit won’t be a factor if you can get approved to rent or not.

Renting With Bad Credit: Show Income

If you feel you have ample income and Renting With Bad Credit is an option for you than you can show this to your potential landlord.  If he sees your monthly income and your job is stable, this can go a long way in getting your landlord to take the chance on you and let you rent.

Renting With Bad Credit: Conclusion

These have been 5 ways in an effort of Renting With Bad Credit.  Always remember, if you rebuild your credit through renting and showing stability, Loan Consultants will be here to assist you when you want to take that next step in the home buying process.  Feel free to call me anytime and we can go over your situation at 888-900-1020, email me direct at, or visit my website

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