Reasons To Google Potential Home Address

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Reasons To Google Home Address

Reasons To Google Potential Home Address: Internet Sleuth

If you think the title of the article, “Reasons To Google Potential Home Address” is a bit extreme, you might be right, however, this can be a powerful tool when you are looking to purchase a home and want to find out everything you can about it.  If you want to make sure you are 100% informed about the property and the neighborhood, this is a great way to get all that you need to know.  In today’s world we are obsessed with being on the internet and are Googling things all day every day, at least I know I am.  There is nothing wrong with doing your due diligence in order to get the information you need to.  The following reasons mentioned are what you may be able to uncover when you Google Potential Home Address.

Google Potential Home Address: Street View

If you are interested about an area that is farther away from your current home and don’t have the time initially to go and take a look at the property, then to run a simple Google Street View is a simple action to take when you Google Potential Home Address.  With this, you will be able to go up and down the block to see potential neighbors and you can also see if there are any stores nearby as well.  While you are at this, you can also see if houses are in adequate condition around you or if there are homes that need work and could be potential eyesores.  You don’t want to move into an area you aren’t comfortable moving into.

Google Potential Home Address: Health Concerns

When you Google Potential Home Address you will be able to see if there was crime in your neighborhood or you can see if there is an airport nearby which will have planes flying overhead daily.  With the public knowledge of drug houses in a database, you can see if there is any activity that could threaten your ability to live comfortably and safely.  It is better to be informed before you commit thousands of dollars to a home.

Google Potential Home Address: Flipped Home

When you are buying an existing home, there should be a list of all the public records of when the home was sold and for how much.  If you’re searching the address you might be able to find old listings of the home and be able to see if the potential for a flip is evident.  If a flip has taken place you will also see the current owners of the home have only been in the home for a few months or so.  Knowing this, be extra careful with your inspections before you get stuck with sub-standard work done on the home.

Google Potential Home Address: HOA

If you are moving into a neighborhood that has a home owner’s association, try to find the community website and see if you can find the bylaws and community activities.  You want to make sure you find all the reviews of the association as there is probably a fair share of positive and negative reviews, but take these with a grain of salt.  Do yourself a favor and read the bylaws to make sure you know the rules prior to closing to prevent future headaches.

Google Potential Home Address: Conclusion

These are just 4 reasons why you should Google Potential Home Address before signing on the dotted line.  If you have done your research and are looking for a loan pre-approval and timely closing, look no further than Loan Consultants and visit us at, call me at 888-900-1020, or email me at

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