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Meet Our Team at Loan Consultants Mortgage empowered by NEXA Mortgage, LLC NMLS 1660690.  Loan Consultants is a mortgage brokerage company licensed in 48 states with a nationwide footprint with headquarters in Chandler, Arizona with its regional branch office in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois NMLS 2315275. We have lending partnerships with over 160 wholesale lenders. If there is any mortgage loan product in today’s marketplace, you can rest assure that we have it at Loan Consultants empowered by NEXA Mortgage, LLC.

Lending Partnerships With Over 160 Wholesale Investors

Besides government and conventional loans, Loan Consultants have hundreds of non-QM and alternative loan programs such as bank statement loan for self-employed borrowers, Non-QM loans, no-doc loans, all in one mortgages, stated income, doctors loan programs, and investment mortgage programs.

Thousands of Mortgage Options Through our Lending Partnerships with 160 Wholesale Lending Investors

Some of our popular investment loan programs for real estate investors include fix and flip loans, DSCR mortgages, asset-depletion, no-doc loans, stated income mortgages, and hundreds of other loan programs. Loan Consultants offers an array of alternative loan products. Loan Consultants closes virtually all of the pre-approvals that are issued.  This is because they are signed off on by our underwriting case scenario team. Closing delays are extremely rare at Loan Consultants. Thank you for stopping by Loan Consultants Mortgage.

Our Mission at Loan Consultants Empowered By NEXA Mortgage, LLC

Here is what Loan Consultants +Cho realized and as a result developed a new mortgage process where there is virtually no reason why a pre-approved borrower cannot close on their home loan.  Over 75% of Gustan Cho’ Associates’ borrowers are people who have either been denied at the last minute a home loan or are under unnecessary stress as they go through the mortgage process. The ONLY reason for a last-minute mortgage loan denial or unnecessary stress during the mortgage process is because the borrower was not properly qualified and pre-approved.

The Importance of the Qualification and Pre-Approval Step of the Mortgage Process

Virtually All of Loan Consultants pre-approved borrowers close on their home loans.  Loan Consultants’s belief is that being a loan officer is unlike any other sales job.  . Borrowers entrust their loan officers with their personal and private information.  In return, a loan officer should to be available for their borrower 24/7, 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays.   As such, the team at Loan Consultants consists of licensed loan officers  and support staff who are available 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays. All of our borrowers have our cell and home phone numbers . Gustan Cho can be reached direct at 262-276-8151 or text for a faster response. Or email us at

Gustan Cho NMLS 873293 | National Managing Director

Gustan Cho is the National Managing Director of Loan Consultants Mortgage empowered by NEXA Mortgage, LLC. The team at Loan Consultants Mortgages is a full- service mortgage firm headquartered in Chandler, Arizona with its regional officers in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

National Reputation of Being a One-Stop Mortgage Lending Shop

Loan Consultants has a national reputation for its no overlays on Government and Conventional Loan Programs and being a one-stop lending shop. Loan Consultants Mortgage has access to over 160 wholesale lenders including commercial outlets, no doc fix and flip rehab investors, bridge financing, non-QM and alternative financing and we pride ourselves on being able to obtain loans where other lenders fail. The team at Loan Consultants Mortgage is constantly implementing more loan programs such as Non-QM loans, alternative financing, and investment property loans .

Career In Mortgage Lending

Gustan passed his NMLS exam in 2012 and got his NMLS licenses in numerous states that year. Gustan is a firm believer in leading by example. This is why he still originates loans for borrowers while managing a team of licensed and support personnel.

Expertise In Residential and Commercial Loans

Closing thousands of his own personal real estate investing mortgage loans gave Gustan a head start in the commercial and residential mortgage lending field.  Gus saw many problematic issues with the mortgage lending business from his personal experiences of being a borrower and closing countless mortgage loans as a real estate investor prior to the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Piotr Bieda Chief Technology Officer, Branch Manager

Piotr Bieda is a branch manager of Loan Consultants empowered by NEXA Mortgage NMLS 2315275. Piotr Bieda is also the Chief Operating Officer of Loan Consultants.  Mr. Bieda is also the Marketing Director and Chief Technology Officer. Piotr can be reach at His number is 773-732-5773.

Alex Carlucci NMLS 229891 | Senior Loan Officer & Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Alexander Thomas Carlucci NMLS 229891 is the number one and lead Senior Loan Officer with Loan Consultants. Alex Carlucci is an expert in originating and processing the following loan programs:

  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • Conventional Loans
  • NON-QM Loans
  • DSCR Mortgages
  • No-Doc Loans
  • All In One Mortgages
  • Bank Statement Loans For Self Employed Borrowers
  • Jumbo Mortgages
  • Non-QM Jumbo Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Investment Property Loans

Alex Carlucci is licensed in multiple states. Alex can be reached at (630) 915-7550. Borrowers can call or text Alex Carlucci for faster response. Alexander Thomas Carlucci can also be reached via email at

Michelle McCue NMLS 1921869 | Senior Loan Officer & Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Michelle McCue is a top producing loan originator at Loan Consultants and a team lead. Michelle is an expert in originating government, conventional, non-QM, and alternative mortgage loan programs. Michelle McCue is an expert in the following mortgage options on owner-occupant, second homes, and investment properties:

  • FHA Loans including 203(k), 203(b), Reverse Mortgage, FHA High Balance- No Lender Overlays
  • VA Loans including purchase money loans and streamline refinance loans
  • USDA Loans for purchase and refinance
  • All conventional loans underwritten to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines
  • Specialized portfolio products
  • Non-QM loans on owner-occupant, second homes, and investment loan programs
  • DSCR Mortgages
  • Bank statement mortgages
  • No-Doc Loans
  • Mortgages for First-Responders
  • Doctors Loan Programs
  • Primary residence, second homes and investment properties
  • Michael Gracz NMLS 1160212 | Senior Loan Officer and Loan Officer Assistant

Michael Gracz NMLS 1160212, is a licensed loan officer and Loan Officer Assistant for Gustan Cho at Loan Consultants . Mike helps train new loan officers or transferring loan officers from other lenders and support staff at Loan Consultants. Mike Gracz is a contributing editor for Loan Consultants Mortgage News since 2012.

Mike Gracz NMLS 873293 is Loan Officer Assistant To Gustan Cho NMLS 873293

Michael Gracz has personally helped hundreds of families obtain the home of their dreams. Mike Gracz is highly skilled and low credit lending. There are very few situations Mike has not seen before. Clients in the past have called Michael the “loan doctor” during the mortgage process. Michael Gracz prides himself on being up to date on all mortgage guidelines and new products.

Expertise In Non-QM and Alternative Mortgage Loan Programs

Mike Gracz is also an EXPERT in NON-QM lending! NON-QM loans open up home ownership opportunities to thousands of Americans who have a troubled financial past. Every client is equally as important to Mike as the last. Borrowers can expect a personal touch and attention to detail throughout the entire process.

Available 7 Days a Week, Including Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays

It is important for borrowers to understand the mortgage process can be stressful at times. Michael was not in the mortgage industry when he purchased his first home, so Mike knows both sides of the spectrum. That being said, Michael is here to serve our clients at Loan Consultants in every way possible. Mike Gracz prides himself on being available 7 days a week! Many of Michael’s clients have busy schedules, or may work nights. He does his very best to be available anytime and all the time.

Mike Gracz Is An Expert In Helping Borrowers Rebuild And Improve Credit So They Can Qualify For a Mortgage

Many of Michael’s clients will not qualify for a mortgage today, but Michael works with them and help them qualify. Michael creates a financial plan to qualify as soon as possible. Mike has worked with many clients over 12 months before they are ready to buy a home. He holds himself and his staff to a high standard of business practices and will vouch for his loan officer’s customer service levels.

Check Our Reviews of Loan Consultants

Our reviews say it all and Michael encourages them to take a look at them. Whether home buyers are buying their first home, first investment property, or 15th house, The Michael Gracz Team at Loan Consultants is always here to help. Our goal is to help you with your mortgage needs and earn your business for life. Most of our first-time home buyers come back to us for their next home! That is the ultimate compliment. I give my cell to all my clients, call me directly on 630-659-7644 or email me on

Ami Thakkar NMLS 1020037 Mortgage Processor

Ami Thakkar is the senior mortgage processor for Loan Consultants. Ami is a licensed mortgage professional with years of extensive experience in originating, opening, processing, and pre-processing government, conventional, and non-QM/alternative loan products. Ami can handle a mortgage file from gathering docs, to prep, to clearing conditions, assisting with our closing department and funding.

Michael McCue NMLS 2162767 | Mortgage Loan Originator

Michael McCue is a senior loan officer and a team lead at Loan Consultants. The Michael McCue Team at Loan Consultants are experts in the following:

  • FHA Home Loans
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • Conventional Loan Programs
  • Non-QM Loans
  • Bank Statement Loans for Self Employed Borrowers
  • 90% LTV Jumbo Mortgages

The Michael McCue Team at Loan Consultants can help borrowers with less than perfect credit and higher debt to income ratios. Due to Loan Consultants being a no overlay lender on government and conforming loans, Mike can structure any less than perfect credit borrowers files and help them qualify for a home loan in a matter of a short time. It is not if you can qualify for a mortgage with Mike but when. Mike McCue can be reached at  815-582-9066 or email at

Fiona McCue Mortgage Processor

Fiona McCue is the regional branch of Loan Consultants mortgage processing manager. Fiona McCue is the managing operations manager at Loan Consultants and is in charge of supervising opening, processing, and the closing departments. Fiona’s role is to make sure that her team of processors and loan officer assistants have every borrower’s file fully scrubbed. Fiona McCue  takes major pride in her work.

Fiona McCue Scope of Work

Her mission is that all of her mortgage processors and junior processors has thoroughly processed every file. This is so borrowers not just close on their home loans but meet all of their closing dates and close their home loans on time. Fiona makes sure that all conditions gets properly provided for a two touch underwriting process. Fiona  has a national reputation of not having no more than a two touch clearing of conditions and get the clear to close issued by mortgage underwriters. Fiona McCue  works out of our Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois regional branch offices of Loan Consultants.

Margarett Jurilla

Margarett Jurilla is the director of third party operations at Loan Consultants. Marga is Vice President of  Training Support and Operations Personnel. Responsibilities and role include but is not limited to training processing assistants, managing third-party contract employees, and assisting with daily operations at Loan Consultants Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois regional branch offices.
Leads organizational efforts to enhance quality and efficiency by:

maximizing use of Encompass Loan Origination System
other mortgage and credit risk automated systems
monitoring and managing defect rates
Engagement in business development whether technical and/or theory related
manage vendors relationships and compliance

Work with management to effectively evaluate, motivate, delegate and monitor activities of operations and support staff.

manage process and procedure change or best practice communication to staff and management management and redistribute workflow when deemed necessary to maintain strong customer service levels to ensure timely delivery to clients and satisfaction

Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly actual and projected production reports Provide support for escalated problem:
resolution assess fulfillment staff performance role includes to identify and provide training needed to increase efficiency always looking in ways to improve quality and time efficiency
interface with internal operations and systems support areas to identify root cause of issues and find solutions with definitive deadline dates provide training and track results to confirm solutions have resolved issues identified manage direct reports this is so as to effectively evaluate, motivate, delegate, and monitor their activities effectively communicate with CEO progress in operations and procedures as to meeting desired metrics track the progress of improvements as they are implemented, monitor hiring, training, and performance management of all operations staff

Dale Elenteny NMLS 904444

Dale Elenteny is a veteran licensed senior loan officer with Loan Consultants. Dale has over two decades of mortgage experience. Dale Elenteny has worked both in the wholesale and retail section of the mortgage industry. As a wholesale account executive, Dale has helped countless of loan officers who needed help with guidelines or on how to structure a deal. His passion of helping families realize the dream of home ownership become a reality was the reason he is now in retail.

Able to do Loans Other Lenders Cannot Do

Over 75% of Dale’s borrowers are folks who could not qualify at another lender. However, Dale helps these folks in preparing them to qualify for the best mortgage program and help buyers qualify for a mortgage. Dale has helped countless of home buyers and has been a mentor to hundreds of loan officers. Dale Elenteny can be reached at 630-479-2719 or email at

Expertise on ITIN and Non-QM Mortgages

Syed Asif Ali NMLS 1518930 | Mortgage Loan Originator

Syed Ali is a senior loan officer with Loan Consultants. Syed email address is

Finn McCue NMLS 1984315 | Mortgage Loan Originator

Finn McCue is a senior mortgage advisor with Loan Consultants. Finn is an expert on government and conforming loans. He also has extensive knowledge on non-QM loans, alternative financing, and bank statement loans for self employed borrowers. Finn McCue can be reached at 815-710-7754. His email address is

Jonathon Kim NMLS 1489299 | Mortgage Loan Originator

Jonathon Kim is a senior vice president and senior loan officer with Loan Consultants. Jonathon Kim’s contact information is Jonathon is an expert on the following types of mortgage loan programs:

  • Most mortgage closings are done in 30 days or less
  • FHA Streamline Refinance
  • FHA Loans With No Overlays
  • FHA 203k Loans
  • FHA Reverse Mortgages
  • High Balance FHA Loans
  • FHA Loans down to 580 FICO Credit Scores with no lender overlays
  • VA Loans With No Overlays
  • USDA With No Overlays
  • Conventional Loan Programs with no overlays
  • NON-QM Loans where borrowers on day out of bankruptcy and foreclosure can qualify for a mortgage
  • Investment property loans
  • Jonathon Kim, as well as all members of Loan Consultants is available 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays

Jonathon Kim can be reached at 312-536-6751 and his email address is