Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team the Team at Loan Consultants at USA Mortgage NMLS 227262 

USA Mortgage NMLS 227262, a division of DAS Acquisition Company LLC, is a five-star direct lender with a nationwide footprint with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. USA Mortgage is a direct lender with no lender overlays on conventional or government loans. We are also correspondent lenders on bank statement loan for self-employed borrowers, Non-Qm loans, and USA also offers an array of alternative loan products. USA Mortgage closes virtually all of the pre-approvals that they issue because they are signed off on by our underwriter team. Closing delays are extremely rare at USA Mortgage. Thank you for stopping by Loan Consultants Mortgage and proceed onward to meet our team of licensed loan officers, guest writers, and support staff. 

Matt Herbolich MBA, JD, LLM NMLS 1649154 

Editor-In-Chief at Loan Consultants. Mortgage Banker at USA Mortgage. Senior Loan Officer at The Gustan Cho Team; Co-Editor-In- Chief at Gustan Cho & Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Resource Center 

Matt Herbolich is an entrepreneur who brings significant experience in the Real Estate and Start-Up industries to Loan Consultants and The Gustan Cho Team at USA Mortgage. 

  • Mr. Herbolich brings with him a unique blend of legal knowledge, strategic marketing, business development experience, and real estate expertise to lead Loan Consultants at USA Mortgage build its revenue base. 
  • As an experienced entrepreneur and seasoned real estate professional, Matthew excels in identifying opportunities in the market, creating high-performance sales teams, and aggressively pursuing growth targets.  
  • Mr. Herbolich is a Senior Loan Officer with The Gustan Cho Team at USA Mortgage, a division of DAS Acquisition Company, LLC NMLS 227262.  
  • Matt Herbolich is licensed in multiple states throughout the United States  
  • He is an expert not only in lending but multiple facets of real estate, particularly the title industry.  
  • Matt Herbolich trains his fellow loan officers on title industry topics, real estate investing, and countless mortgage guidelines. 
  • Mr. Herbolich and Gustan Cho work together in educating not only the public but also other mortgage professionals on how to help first time home buyers and borrowers who meet government lending guidelines but cannot obtain financing with lenders due to lender overlays. 
  • In addition Mr. Herbolich is  a professional writer and prolific blogger. He is Editor-In-Chief at and Co-Editor-In-Chief at Gustan Cho & Associates Mortgage & Real Estate Resource Center at 
  • The startup company he co-founded, TruVitals, Inc., won first place at the 2012 Harvard Business School’s Midwest Regional New Venture Contest.  
  • He has landed coverage in print and digital media outlets throughout the United State, including, the Gainesville Sun, Wall Street Journal Blog, and the Miami Herald Starting Gate Blog.  
  • Mr. Herbolich earned a bachelors degree in Political Science from Villanova University, a law degree from Case Western Reserve University, a Masters of Law in Real Property from the University of Miami, and a Master of Business Administration from Grantham University.  
  • He enjoys playing competitive tennis and travelling when his schedule permits, as well as volunteering at various homeless shelters and soup kitchens in Northeast Ohio.  

Gustan Cho NMLS 873293 

Gustan Cho is the Branch Manager of USA Mortgage, a division of DAS Acquisition Company LLC NMLS 227262, a direct lender headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. 

  • USA Mortgage is a full- service mortgage firm headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. 
  • USA Mortgage has a national reputation for its no overlays on Government and Conventional Loan Programs and being a one-stop lending shop. 
  • In addition to being Fannie/Freddie Direct Lenders, The Gustan Cho Team has access to correspondent relationships including commercial outlets, no doc fix and flip rehab investors, bridge financing, non-Qm and alternative financing and we pride ourselves on being able to obtain loans where other lenders fail. 
  • USA Mortgage& The Gustan Cho team is constantly implementing more loan programs such as non-Qm loans, alternative financing, and investment property loans . 

Career In Mortgage Lending At USA Mortgage, a Division of DAS Acquisition Company LLC NMLS 227262 

Gustan passed his NMLS exam in 2012 and got his NMLS licenses in numerous states that year. 

  • Closing thousands of his own personal real estate investing mortgage loans gave Gustan a head start in the commercial and residential mortgage lending field. 
  • Gus saw many problematic issues with the mortgage lending business from his personal experiences of being a borrower and closing countless mortgage loans as a real estate investor. 

Here is what Gustan realized and as a result developed a new mortgage process where there is virtually no reason why a pre-approved borrower cannot close on their home loan. 

  • Over 75% of Gustan’s borrowers are people who have either been denied at the last minute a home loan or are under unnecessary stress as they go through the mortgage process 
  • The ONLY reason for a last-minute mortgage loan denial or unnecessary stress during the mortgage process is because the borrower was not qualified correctly 
  • Virtually All of Gustan Cho’s pre-approved borrowers close on their home loans. 
  • Gustan Cho’s belief is that being a loan officer is unlike any other sales job. 
  • Borrowers entrust their loan officers with their personal and private information. 
  • In return, a loan officer should to be available for their borrower 24/7, 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays. 
  • As such, the Gustan Cho Team at USA Mortgage team of licensed loan officers are available 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays and all borrowers have our cell and home phone numbers 

Gustan Cho can be reached direct at 262-878-1965. You can call or text him on his cell at 262-716-8151 or email at 

Gregory Kewin NMLS# 266964 

Gregory Kewin has more than 30 years of hands-on experience across all phases of the mortgage industry in both wholesale and retail production. Kewin is the branch manager for The Gustan Cho Team and has three decades of experience in conventional, government, portfolio and commercial lending. Kewin also serves as the manager for Capital Network Group providing commercial loans from coast to coast. You can reach him directly at  630-465-1803

Maria Windham NMLS# 458679 

An experienced loan officer with The Gustan Cho Team, Maria’s extensive background in mortgage lending provides her clients with multiple lending options which include: 

  • FHA Loans including 203(k), 203(b), Reverse Mortgage, FHA High Balance- No Lender Overlays 
  • VA Loans including purchase money loans and streamline refinance loans 
  • USDA Loans for purchase and refinance 
  • All conventional loans underwritten to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines 
  • Specialized portfolio products  
  • Primary residence, second homes and investment properties 

Peter Bieda 

Peter Bieda serves as Branch Marketing Manager for USA Mortgage/Chicago Branch and is the IT Manager for Loan Consultants 

Bill Burg 

Bill Burg is a licensed mortgage loan officer working with Loan Consultants & The Gustan Cho Team at USA Mortgage.