Hiring Proper Employees: Build For Success

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June 3, 2016
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Hiring Proper Employees- Build For Success

Hiring Proper Employees: Introduction

If there is one thing as a manager that I feel is the most important aspect of the job is Hiring Proper Employees.  This is one action that can make or break the productivity of your team from being a productive one and proactive versus being behind and reactive to issues that may arise.  When thinking about Hiring Proper Employees, you need to develop a list of actions to be taken before that new person starts for your team.  I am going to walk-thru the actions I take before bringing someone onboard to work with me.

Hiring Proper Employees: Job Description Is Key

When you are looking to Hiring Proper Employees, the first thing you need to research and develop is what the title for the position is and what the functions of this job will entail.  This is something you need to put careful thought into because you want to make sure everyone on your team has adequate work to do without overlapping.  This is not something that someone in Human Resources can do because since you are the one in charge of the work to be done, hiring proper employees is key.  You also want to be prepared when you go into the hiring process because odds are the potential employees will be asking what the daily duties will include and you need to be prepared to answer everything they can think of.

Hiring Proper Employees: Know Your Salary Limits

When hiring proper employees, you want to ensure that you are hiring people at market value so you ensure the new employee will feel valued upon taking the new roll.  You also don’t want to make the mistake of overpaying versus your existing employees or you run the risk of getting dissention amongst the group if word should get out about salaries.  There is nothing worse than bringing in a new person and they are making $2-$4 per hour more than the people you have in place.  It is understood that employees shouldn’t talk about salary, but let’s face it, they do.  You need to make sure you know your employees salaries and what the market value is to ensure hiring proper employees is done correctly.

Hiring Proper Employees: Background Check and First Days

If you want to ensure you are hiring proper employees, you need to make sure a full background check is conducted just to make sure nothing is hidden from your view.  You made it through the interview, and this is the last step to see if there are any surprises before bring the person onboard.  Once onboard, it is difficult to turn back so make sure you are 100% confident in your choice.  After this is complete and your employee is ready to start, you need to make sure that you have a precise order of tasks you want the new employee to learn and when to learn them by.  Structure with new employees makes the process that much easier and takes any doubt or questions out of the equation.  Hiring proper employees means nothing if you bring them in and they are trying to stay busy because nothing is planned out for them.  Get them shadowing others and learning to pitch in at any time and ask lots of questions.

Hiring Proper Employees: Conclusion

So you finally hired that new employee for your team, and you want them to stick around.  All you need to do is follow the brief roadmap I illustrated for you and you will be golden.  All you need to do is be reflective and treat the new employee just how you would like to be treated.  If you look at everything from your new hire’s point of view, there is nothing to worry about.  Good Luck!


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