Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase

Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase

Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase: How Did I End Up Here?

When I set my sights on purchasing a new home, never did I imagine I would wind up with a Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase.  Now my Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase did not happen overnight and there were quite a few steps that had me end up there, but instead of going through in detail, I will give you the cliff notes version of how I got here.  I was living in a townhome rental and after being here for a little over 2 years, I got the itch that I needed to get out of attached homes and on to my own single family detached home.  I got a preapproval and I was on my way to find the home of my dreams for $265,000 or less.

Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase: Weighing Our Options
Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase: Weighing Our Options

Knowing that my current home was in an awful school district I knew that if I wanted to stay in the northwest suburbs of Illinois, I had to keep moving west to where there were new and properly funded school districts to join.  At first we began to look at far western Elgin, IL and District 301.  District 301 has some great schools, but the houses we were finding in our range were quite a bit old and it seemed that we were spending a lot of money for not a lot of house.  Given this, we decided to move a little North of here and into District 300 and a new construction subdivision of Ryland Homes in Hampshire, Illinois.  Now this is where we would find our Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase.  We realized that we could get a decent sized house with a lot of options for just about $250,000, perfect!  So knowing that we could find a house we would be happy with and grow into, it was now time to research this area and here is what we found:
–          Small town feel with a population of 5,563
o   Hampshire has 3 areas, Ryland Subdivision 1, Ryland Subdivision 2, and “Old Hampshire”
–          With a median income of $65,000 per family it was not a “high-end” subdivision by any means and everyone lived very modestly.
–          Hampshire School System of District 300 is very well funded and performs well on state tests.  The elementary school has less than a 20:1 student to teacher ratio.  The elementary school and high school are both less than 10 years old, have ample space to keep growing, and have all funding for extra-curricular activities.

Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase: Closing Thoughts

After we completed our Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase, it was clear that as of right now we made the right choice.  Being in a newer and affordable subdivision, the neighborhood is full of kids and everyone knows each other on the blocks they live.  You never need to worry about keeping up with your neighbors because quite frankly it is a level playing field.  This area is close enough to everything within 10-20 minutes, but you still have that quiet living knowing the subdivision is surrounded by farmland.  If you are looking for a new or newer home, you should look into a Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase and you should hurry as the homes are just about done being built and there isn’t a lot of inventory left.  If you need help getting a pre-approval and a mortgage, then look no further than Loan Consultants as we can help you with your Hampshire Illinois Home Purchase

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