Greatness Never Sleeps: Shoot For The Stars

Greatness Never Sleeps: Why This Topic?

If there is one thing that I always try to do as a leader, it is to promote the slogan that Greatness Never Sleeps.  This is something I choose to live my life by and in a general sense, it means that there really isn’t a time to rest, as you should always be pushing to get more done and be the best at whatever it is that you are doing or ant to do.

Greatness Never Sleeps: History
Greatness Never Sleeps: History

As soon as my professional career started during college, I was always a big promoter of Greatness Never Sleeps.  Could I have just went through college like anyone else and spent my days going to 2 classes and then just lying in my bed, eating, or working out?  Sure I could have done this, and I actually did for my first year and a half, but after my 3rdsemester, I chose to come back home where I enrolled in a new college and decided I could work full-time while still being in school.  I also found a job doing accounting work which is exactly what I was going to school for, so this could be a great way to put what I have learned to the test in the real world.

Greatness Never Sleeps: After Graduation

After Graduation from college, this is truly when my Greatness Never Sleeps went into full effect.  Even though I was working full-time with an accounting job that kept me busy on a daily basis, I wanted more out of life and almost immediately I was advertising my services on Craigslist.  Within a month or two I had a handful of clients where I would do accounting work on the side for them putting financial statements together or just auditing their books to ensure they were compliant with how they were recording their transactions.
Another thing I learned rather quickly was a career in accounting couldn’t afford everything I wanted to do in life, so this is where the additional jobs and work came into play as I could now have more money to go on vacations and have financial flexibility amongst my student loan debt.  Aside from working a lot and looking to get ahead of the game, I am trying my hardest to stay in shape and with a busy schedule of working all the time, I found out that I had to make time for exercise or I would end up just working, eating, and sleeping on a daily basis which is probably not the best definition of Greatness Never Sleeps.

Greatness Never Sleeps: Current Day
Greatness Never Sleeps: Current Day

Currently as we speak, I am an accounting professional with a management position and a handful of people under me.  Most people would think this is a good career milestone, and it is, but I am still wanting more and living by the Greatness Never Sleeps saying, this is when I chose to leave the minimal paying side jobs I was doing, and decided it was time to get my NMLS license in order to become a loan officer.  I will spare you the details of this process, but you can find that story here if you choose to see just how I did it.  With everything set here and ready to go I began to create this website, and the first thing I needed to do was ensure I create new content on a daily basis in order to get my name out there and ultimately drive referrals my way.  I do this by trying to write a couple blogs per day and get them on my website as soon as possible.  So as my days currently stands I am definitely showing Greatness Never Sleeps as I work full-time, I write 2,000+ words per day for my website, AND I find time 4-5 days a week to go running as well in order to stay in shape.  I do all this so that I can enjoy the quality of life I have always wanted and this is just my personal way of how I do it.  It may not be for everyone, but I have found out that I perform better when I am kept busy and on my toes.  What I can offer up is to do what you can and as much as you can because retirement will always be there for you, and the sooner you can get there the better as your hard work will have paid off!

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