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Golf Course Is The New Boardroom


Golf Course Is The New Boardroom: Introduction

If you have been living under a rock for the past 10-20 years, you need to realize that in the professional world, the Golf Course Is The New Boardroom.  White-collar jobs, or in a general terms, the people who normally work behind a desk and are not doing any manual labor at all.  These can include a lot of the professionals like executives, lawyers, doctors, accountants, sales, and any other positions within the structure of an office building.  Who is normally exempt from the whole Golf Course Is The New Boardroom mantra are the blue-collar workers, or generally the employees whose primary position is a manual labor job.  In most cases, if you are wearing business casual or more to work every day you could be falling into the Golf Course Is The New Boardroom.

Golf Course Is The New Boardroom: What Happens?

A lot of you are probably wondering how the Golf Course Is The New Boardroom came about and I think it is very simple.  When you are dealing with professional or executive positions that have time throughout the day to be away from their desk and entertain clients while still getting work done this is more and more prevalent.  In a lot of cases, those in executive positions have memberships to country clubs or have a certain amount in their budget for doing this on a monthly or annual basis.

Now let’s get one thing straight, yes, there might be some messing around on the course, but the interaction between professionals when it comes down to business is very serious.  The thought is why do you have to be stuck behind a conference room table discussing particulars when you can be enjoying the outdoors and the camaraderie that golf brings between people.  If you can negotiate or bust each other’s chops while hammering out the details of the next merger, purchase order, or sales order, then why can’t it be on the golf course.

Golf Course Is The New Boardroom: Some Don’t Get It

Since everyone doesn’t golf, it is only natural that everyone won’t be excited about the new clubs that just came out, or why spending upwards of $100 per round is enticing to business.  As more and more professionals are picking up golf and getting others to start as well, the minority should be getting smaller and smaller.  Listen, you might need to take out clients or potential clients now and again to ensure you keep their business or get any new business that may be had.  If you don’t, you are probably in danger of losing accounts, revenues, and profits.

Golf Course Is The New Boardroom: It’s Inevitable

When you figure out that the Golf Course Is The New Boardroom, the better off you will be from a professional standpoint.  We still live in a day where you need to wine and dine clients and this fits right in to that mindset.  Should you have to spend money to get new business or keep what you have?  No, but if you don’t and you lose out to someone, it is your own fault.  Open up your checkbooks, because this trend is not going anywhere!

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