How To Get Approved For Bad Credit Home Loans in California

How To Get Approved For Bad Credit Home Loans in California

California was always an attractive place to buy a house. How hard is to get approved by a lender for a bad credit home loans in California? El Dorado State knowns for its strong economic position and various tourist attractions, California is rightfully called the Golden State. The state is home to the biggest entertainment industry in the world, Hollywood and its history isn’t less of any western film-noir either.

The American state was first discovered in the 1700s by Spanish missionaries who arrived here in search of a new land. But it wasn’t until the 18th century that the state became a United States occupied territory. It was in the mid-1840s, that minor disputes between the Mexican and American dwellers escalated into a war, which in 1847 the Mexicans lost and surrendered most of their land to the victorious troupe.

Consequently, a part of this newly occupied land was named California which then became the 31st state of the United States of America on 9th September 1850.
The Mexicans didn’t think of losing the land as a major setback to their supremacy as there was only a minor population residing. But soon after signing the treaty, the state went through something that reshaped it forever. The infamous ‘Gold rush’ of the 1800s ignited another dispute over the lands occupancy as thousands flooded the state in search of gold and riches. What was considered to be a black sheep of all occupied lands soon became the wealthiest area with a skyrocketing population.

During the 18th century acquired regions would only be termed as a state after they had at least 60,000 inhabitants. But the Gold rush accelerated immigration and soon there were more than 60,000 dwellers coming from all around. After much debate, Congress permitted California to attain statehood and was declared a free-labor state, initiating the state’s dominance as the most influential political and economic force in the West.

Quick Fun Facts

With its interesting history, there are also many other fascinating facts to know about California, such as:

  1. It is the third largest U.S state, behind only Alaska and Texas.
  2. It was home to the first-ever McDonald’s restaurant that opened in San Bernardino, CA in the 1940s.
  3. California was ranked as the 9th largest economy in the world in 2012.
  4. Disneyland, Yosemite national park and the “Golden Gate Bridge” are some of its major attractions.
  5. The official flower of California is Poppy while its official bird is the California Valley Quail.

California Real Estate Outlook
California Real Estate Outlook

Being the first U.S state to reach a trillion dollar gross state product, California has always enjoyed a booming real estate market. Home prices across the state have been on an all-time high since the past five years and according to trade experts, the prices will continue to soar for an additional three to five years. The escalating price charts have generated a wide interest from realtors who claimed that the average house prices are on their way to succeed the records set during the real estate bubble of the 2010s.
Real estate prices are predicted to increase further by around 4 percent in the current year of 2018 and are most likely to hit a whopping $561,020 price mark. In case the projections about the prices of single unit family homes going beyond the previously recorded high price of $560,270 in 2007 prove true. The prices are still expected to stay well below pre-recession rates after considering inflation rates. Having a good credit and a down payment is a must if you want to get a house, however for people looking to get a bad credit home loans in California there are some options as well.
Furthermore, the overall sales of single-family homes are also likely to increase in the current year but at a more modest and somewhat slower pace. The California Association of Realtors (CAR) also estimated that 2018 could witness an upsurge in the number of houses sold with 426,000 houses being expected to be traded over the year, which is a 1 percent increase from the sales recorded in 2017.
Given the frequently increasing prices of real estate across the state, it is observed that the overall profits in both the sales and prices are lesser than the past few years. Many economists have referred to this slow pace as a possible sign signaling the housing market is heading towards a slump and obtaining bad credit home loans in California might be difficulty.
Like most of the land of milk and honey, southern California will also most probably experience a swift increase in the home prices moving forward in 2018, which is also needed to maintain statewide uniformity.

Slow Growth Rate- A Question Mark for Realtors

The increasing prices and the slow pace of growth in sales is the biggest mystery prevailing in the housing market. The divide between the price growth and the increasing number jobs and income levels has frenzied many industry insiders.
A possible explanation for these trends can be related to the prices being stagnant at a higher level ever since the last few years. As homes have become more expensive, there are fewer on sale and even fewer potential buyers who can actually come up with the money to buy homes at their current market rates.
Theoretically, a price appreciation in the property market should lead to an increased supply and more homeowners would benefit from the surging rates, but this has not been happening as home sellers could face negative outcomes after a huge price gain. They could end up losing tax advantages with possibility of having to a capital gains tax on any revenue earned over $250,000 and $500,000 for singles and couples respectively.
2018 isn’t expected to be any different either as it is expected that only 26 percent of the Californian residents will be able to afford a family home which were available to more than half of the state’s population in 2012 during the market recovery period. So it’s should be easier to obtain a bad credit home loans in California because of that. Several economists have also been left dumbfounded by this odd situation where a rapid job and income growth and low mortgage interest rates have failed to increase property sales.

The FHA Bad Credit Home Loans in California Option
The FHA Bad Credit Home Loans in California Option

Federal Housing Administration or FHA loans are known to be the most common and popular mortgage options for people trying to put 3,5% downpayment, however having a FICO score over 580 is a must. Sometimes for people with low credit score and trying to get mortgage known as bad credit home loans in California. The FHA is a government body that works under the umbrella of the U.S Housing And Urban Development (HUD). To enlighten people more about the working of the organization and its purpose in the American real estate market, below are some important attributes:

  • FHA doesn’t fund or create loans but the mere function of the housing finance body is to encourage home ownership across the country.
  • The FHA insures implements strict measures for verifying the parties and properties being funded comply by the HUD guidelines.
  • In a situation where a FHA borrower may default, the HUD ensures that the loss that may be incurred by the mortgage body shall be completely funded by the FHA loans.
  • The housing administration loans remain to be the most flexible housing finance option with only 3.5% down payment.

Basic FHA Guidelines

Below are some basic guidelines as prescribed by the FHA, regarding bad debt home loans

  1. The credit score requirement starts at a minimum of 580 FICO for receiving the typical 3.5 % down payment for bad debt home loans.
  2. The debt to income ratio can be as high as 57% of borrowers in addition to a credit score of 620 or more.
  3. For the 620 FICO borrowers, the highest debt to income percentage can no exceed 43%.
  4. Outstanding charges and balances are not required to be paid off.
  5. There can be more than 1 borrower under a partnership arrangement that is co-borrowers are permitted.
  6. Borrowers can avail FHA loans after one year of their Chapter 13 Bankruptcy repayment plan.
  7. There is a 2 year waiting period post the maturity of Chapter 7 while there’s none after Chapter 13 matures.

NON-QM Loans

Non-QM loans are also a popular home finance plan for people who are training to get approved for a bad credit home loans in California that consists of no waiting period even post-foreclosure and bankruptcy to be eligible for home loans. The bad debt home loan doesn’t require any tax returns and evaluates the personal bank records to assess the income value. Self-employed persons can easily qualify for the home loan even if they have many write-offs. The loans are available for both investment properties with the non-owner occupants and the owner occupant.
If you got denied from a home loan due to bad credit or have any questions related to mortgage or real estate, please contact the Author.

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