Firing Employees Is Never Easy

Firing Employees Is Never Easy

Firing Employees: How Did We Get Here?

As a manager or boss of employees, Firing Employees is never as easy task to take out.  When I am tasked with it, it pains me every time that I am taking someone’s livelihood and basically am telling them they aren’t good enough to perform their job.  Now before we jump to the end result of this entire situation, let’s go through the steps of how we got to this point.

Firing Employees: The Beginning

As with all relationships, the beginning always seems to be great or the honeymoon stage as a lot of people like to refer to it.  You try your hardest in interviewing all the candidates for your open position and treat everyone equally, and after a couple rounds of talks and discussions, you go and choose who you think is the best fit and will do the best job for you and your team.  You have gone through this person’s resume and have confirmed their background and skill set to the best of your ability.  After you instruct HR to make the person an offer, you wait for them to hopefully accept and start with your team.  As my elementary school teachers used to say, “Everyone starts with a 100%, but it is up to you to keep it!”  This can’t be more true when hiring a new person.  Your expectations are out the roof and you are thinking they are going to live up to their potential.

Firing Employees: Work Begins

Before we get to Firing Employees, we have to get through the actual work they produce before the end is inevitable.  So the new employee has started and expectations have been set and they have a syllabus letting them know what they will be learning, by whom, and for how long.  So the first day, you are going to show the person around, give them a tour, get them acclimated to their desk, and soon it is down to work.  Whether they are training with you or someone else, there should always be an evaluation of how they are working and if they are living up to expectations.

Firing Employees: Pep Talks

Listen, the last measures you can take before Firing Employees is to bring them aside and give them some feedback or a pep talk if they are not performing.  The worst thing you can do before Firing Employees is not to try and get your point across that their work isn’t up to par.  This meeting should come across as positive and you need to keep them motivated and at the very least act like you care about the work they are doing.

Firing Employees: The End

If you feel your employee isn’t anywhere near the standards that were set for them, then there is only one thing you can do and that is to let them go.  Firing Employees is never easy, but it is better to “pull off the band aid” then to string them along thinking they are doing a great job before you blindside them.  Listen, all employees aren’t going to work out and the sooner you can make this judgment, the sooner you can move on to the next ones.  Firing Employees is just inevitable sometimes, but hopefully you don’t have to go through it like I have a handful of times in the past.

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