Do You Have Annoying Neighbors?

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July 8, 2016
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Annoying Neighbors

Annoying Neighbors: Reasons / Qualities That Show This

Do you feel like you have annoying neighbors or could it possibly be that you are the one who is annoying?  In the following paragraphs we will go through characteristics of annoying neighbors and how they can upset you or show what someone else thinks about you.

Annoying Neighbors: What Property Line?

One of the most obvious ways for you to upset your neighbors or for them to upset you is by not knowing where the property lines between your properties.  What most homeowners want to install a fence forwhatever reason, but nothing says Annoying Neighbors like a fence that is placed on your property.  Before you do this and upset people get your Platt Survey and so the proper GPS coordinates can be used to install your fence.  There is no need for the fence to be on your neighbors property because they can rightfully have it removed.

Annoying Neighbors: Parking

Another quality of Annoying Neighbors is when they use all the street parking spaces as their own personal used car lot.  In most scenarios, there is no need for a homeowner to have 6+ cars so that their garage, driveway, and street parking is used every day.  I can speak to this personally as the neighbor across the street from me fills his garage and drive and then puts 3 vehicles on the street and there is always a car in front of my house.  Nothing is more annoying than someone’s car constantly in view EVERY DAY.

Annoying Neighbors: Noise

Annoying Neighbors normally don’t think about anyone around them and when it comes to parties or a get together this is exactly the case that is extremely annoying and frustrating.  If you decide to have people over and entertain, that is your right, but having loud music and conversations until midnight or beyond is uncalled for.  You need to have some compassion for your surrounding neighbors because they may have children who need to sleep and this isn’t fair to them at all.  Even making noise that upsets their dog could be an issue as having a barking dog in the middle of the night is the worst.  If you are living in a condo, there is nothing as annoying as neighbors next to you or above you making noise at all times of the day when you are trying to sleep or rest.  Hearing you walk around your wood floors all night isn’t fair and by just taking your shoes off can pay dividends for people around you.  Also piggy-backing on the noise complaints could be seen if your children are playing basketball in the driveway and the hoop they are using is near the neighbor’s home.  You don’t want to disrupt a nursery or a bedroom with your constant game playing, so just take a look at the clock before your children make noise at an inopportune time.

Annoying Neighbors: Conclusion

As you can see it is easy for you or your neighbors to turn into those “Annoying Neighbors.”  You can definitely make it awkward by doing the items mentioned in this article.  As a rule of thumb, always remember your situation and just act in good-faith with what you are doing and just think if the shoe was on the other foot.

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