Causes For Concern On Seller Disclosure Report

Causes For Concern On Seller Disclosure Report

Seller Disclosure Report: Locating Troubled Items

If you are in the market to purchase a home then you will know that there are definite high and lows that come with such a complex transaction.  When in the market for a home it is almost second nature that you fall in love with the homes that you see, and especially “the one.”  This is a great feeling to have, but you have to always remember to pump the brakes a little bit, take a step back, and make sure you aren’t just seeing the cosmetic side of it but the entire picture.  Nothing is worse than going through the purchase with blinders on and not looking into the items the seller is giving you and their status of the condition of the house.  This is where the required Seller Disclosure Report is vital to making sure you aren’t taking on a money pit.  If you look carefully you can see where a seller is truthful or where they are being vague and non-committal.  Nothing is worse than taking a seller’s word for it only to find out repairs are needed shortly after closing.  If you see the following items on the Seller Disclosure Report you need to think twice and look into the claims.

Seller Disclosure Report: Reasons To Question
Seller Disclosure Report: Reasons To Question

  1. Status/Condition of Roof:  If there are any negative notations written about the condition of the roof on the Seller Disclosure Report, then these claims need to be taken seriously and investigated fully.  If you aren’t 100% sure after your home inspection, it may be wise to bring out a licensed roofer to give you the extent of the damage mentioned and a true cost to fix.
  2. Structure Damage: On the Seller Disclosure Report you could see items like cracks in the walls, cracks in the foundation, what appears to be a sagging roof, etc.  What this shows is the issue definitely isn’t just cosmetic and could potentially cost thousands to fix.
  3. Flood Damage: This is one item you can see on a Seller Disclosure Report and will need to know that you need to get out of the deal ASAP.  Water damage is one thing that is not to be messed with, and even if the damage has been “fixed” there could still be water damage behind the walls, and worse yet mold growing which can affect your respiratory functions over time.  Any signs or mentions of water should leave you very leery at their claims.
  4. Liens on the Property: Finding out that there are liens on a property can be a scary proposition to deal with.  When a creditor has put a lien on the property you are looking to buy, it has the potential to prevent the sale of the property from going through.  To help with the transaction you can consult the title company in an effort to obtain a clear title before the sale goes through.
  5. Lead Paint/Asbestos: These are items that can affect your family’s health tremendously.  If it is on the Seller Disclosure Report you need to talk to your home inspector and figure out the extent and risk associated with the materials in the home and how much to properly dispose of these items.  To some, this could be a deal breaker.

Seller Disclosure Report: Conclusion

As you can see you need to make sure you fully investigate the Seller Disclosure Report in order to make sure you do your homework before the purchase of a home that will cause you grief.  If you are this point in your real estate journey and will need a pre-approval and experienced lender with no lender overlays, then you need to call me ASAP to get started at 888-900-1020, email at, or by visiting

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