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All You Need To Know About W2 Income Only Mortgages

It is definitely not an easy thing. Buying a home, in fact, is the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. Most of us do not have enough cash in hand to pay for the entire amount of the house we are planning to buy. Thus, we take resort in mortgages. Mortgages, also known as home

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How to Apply For W-2 Only Mortgage Loan In California

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W2 Only Income No Tax Returns Mortgage

Find out how W2 Wage Earners can qualify for a home loan with W2 only income no tax returns mortgage. One of the most significant factors to qualify for a home loan is income. In many circumstances, Automated Underwriting System Approval (AUS) doesn’t require income tax returns from W2 wage earners.  So, W2 wage earners

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