What is The Main Purpose of an HOA?

What is The Main Purpose of an HOA?

What is Home Owners Association?

If there is one thing that can make your everyday life in your community unbearable it has to be having drama with your Homeowner’s Association or HOA for short and through this article, we can hopefully help you Avoid HOA Drama.  It seems like there is only two sides to this story and it is either people are huge fans of their HOA or they absolutely despise them.

This is evident with the people that don’t want to be told exactly the shade of color for their home or shed must be, however, no one wants to live next to a bright blue house with a lime green shed.  The fact of the matter is that HOA’s are not there to make your life miserable, but instead to keep neighborhoods safe, clean, and abiding by the same rules.  If you don’t like to abide by guidelines within a community, then you are going to have to try and learn ways to Avoid HOA Drama.  Hopefully the following scenarios can help you become a better neighbor and home owner.

Can You Refuse to Join a Homeowners Association?
Avoid HOA Drama: Be Informed

If there is one thing you can do to Avoid HOA Drama it is make sure you are informed to begin with about what exactly it is you are getting into upon purchasing your home.  It is pointless to sit there and complain about an HOA when you knew before buying your home that there was an HOA in place.

You also need to be informed on what certain rules and regulations are as well as the financial standing of the HOA so you can see if they are operating at a surplus or a deficit.  It isn’t a good situation walking into an HOA with a deficit and doesn’t have adequate funding for taking care of what the community needs.  If you are informed about what the HOA does and what its goal is, it might be easier to Avoid HOA Drama.

Attend HOA Board Meeting

In order to Avoid HOA Drama as well as get informed, what you need to do is go to a monthly board meeting.  At these meetings, they will normally go over the status of the community as well as what is on the agenda in terms of activities and improvements to be made.  There is also normally a question and answer piece where residents can ask questions of the board members to get clarification on issues or suggest activities.  If nobody goes to the board meeting, then quite frankly there is no excuse to complain when things aren’t going your way.  You can see how this can help you Avoid HOA Drama.

Get Approvals From Home Owners Associations
Avoid HOA Drama: Get Approvals

With most HOAs there is normally a list of projects you may want to do that need an HOA architectural committee approval.  The last thing you want to do is put up a deck, patio, or hot tub in your backyard only to find out that you needed approval first and up until you get approval you may need to remove the project or risk a daily fine for being out of compliance.  It would be awful to spend your hard-earned money only to see it contested by HOA rules.  When in doubt, it is in your best interest to get approval in order to Avoid HOA Drama.

As you can see there are many ways you can go about your daily life to Avoid HOA Drama.  Remember HOAs are there for a reason and are not out to get anyone or make people miserable.  The people that get upset are normally the ones who don’t know any better.  The sooner you know and realize this, the better for you.

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